Classes & Challenges

10's Challenge

This is a 10-week challenge focused on getting you to “Move Freely”. As a part of this 10-week challenge, you will participate in a daily 10-minute exercise routine, strive for 10,000 steps per day, and average a total of 10k miles per week.

Each participant receives a scorecard to track their activity so they can see their progress and be held accountable for their exercise. Challengers will complete a Styku 3D Body Scan in week one and week ten of the challenge so they can see their body composition results.

SEfit Fitness Membership is included for non-members during the challenge. Fun challenges throughout the 10 weeks will be added for a chance to win cool prizes. 


This is an 8-week Body Composition Challenge. Challengers will complete a Styku 3D Body Scan in week one and week eight of the competition. Challengers will weigh in each week at SEfit and every two weeks will have bio-impedance body fat percentage and waist/hip measurements completed.

SEfit Fitness Membership is included for non-members during the challenge.  Leaderboards will be announced using a member identification system for friendly competition among the participants. Fun challenges will be added throughout to encourage exercise, healthy eating, and for a chance to win cool prizes. 

Battle in the Sand

This class is an intermediate to advanced exercise class using the ultimate sandbag and battle ropes. Participants will turn up the heat for 60 minutes creating waves with the ropes through a variety of movements along with using the sandbags for unbalanced strengthening created by the shifting sands. Let’s have some fun with friends by waving these shifting sands across your body’s planes of motion. 

Booty and Beer

This class will set your glutes on fire after 60 minutes of exercises that target your booty. Exercises will be designed to focus on your posterior chain and core. A variety of equipment may be used within the class, but each participant will receive a set of Mini-Therabands Short & Long to take home with them. Afterwards, participants will extinguish their burning booty with some friendly beer cheers.


This class is a structured exercise class using the kettlebells. It will include a variety of kettlebell swings and strengthening exercises to give you a full body workout that will leave you swinging away the calories for hours afterwards. Learn how a kettlebell provides function for your body through all planes of movement while enjoying the fun with friends. 

Macros & Metabolism

A nutritional seminar that will help you understand macronutrients and sports nutrition. You will learn about each macronutrient, its role in your body, and the healthy foods of each macro. Participants will learn how to calculate their kilocalories and macronutrients, and how to adjust them as they progress along their wellness journey, whether it is for weight loss, gaining muscle, health, or sports performance. The seminar is approximately 3 hours.