Styku 3D Body Scan recreates your body in 3D and shows how your shape is changing over time with your fitness program. See how your Body’s Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Bone Density, and Measurements are adjusting with your workouts. Styku provides you with true accuracy of how your hard work is measuring up, giving you more than just a scale number. With Styku’s fast and non-invasive harmless infrared light, you will know your body’s composition within a 2% margin of error in less than 35 seconds. Are you ready to see the results of your fitness?

Progress Reports

Styku offers a complete health analysis report of your Body’s Composition. This extensive report allows us to teach you about your body’s tissue make-up in reference to subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, lean muscle mass, bone mass and density, along with precision measurements of several landmarks along your structure. Click here to see an example of how detailed Styku’s Health Assessment is and how you can track your progress over time with these 3D Body Scans.

Styku gives us data to help you understand your Health Risks for Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Diseases, Diabetes, Osteopenia, Osteoporisis, and other health related concerns due to obesity. You will know how you compare to national researched statistics from the World Health Organization, American Council on Exercise, and American College of Sports Medicine. Styku’s statistics can help you communicate your health risks to your doctor for the appropriate care and to help you avoid long-term obesity-related diseases.